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The Ultimate Guide to Two Thirds Berlin

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Cold War Tour Berlin


Welcome to the ultimate guide to Two Thirds Berlin! Whether you are planning a trip to the German capital or simply curious about this unique neighborhood, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will dive deep into what makes Two Thirds Berlin so special and provide you with everything you need to know as a beginner.

What is Two Thirds Berlin?

Two Thirds Berlin refers to the district of Berlin that was once divided into three sections – East Berlin, West Berlin, and the Berlin Wall that separated them. Two Thirds Berlin, also known as the former West Berlin, covers an area of approximately two-thirds of the entire city. Today, it carries significant historical and cultural significance.

History of Two Thirds Berlin

In order to understand Two Thirds Berlin, it’s important to learn about its historical background. After World War II, Berlin was divided into four occupation zones – American, British, French, and Soviet. The division between East and West was solidified in 1961 when the Berlin Wall was constructed to separate the two halves of the city.

For 28 years, the Berlin Wall stood as a symbol of the Cold War and the division of Germany. During this time, West Berlin became an island enclave, surrounded by the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). The people of West Berlin faced numerous challenges and restrictions, but they also developed a unique culture and identity.

Explore Two Thirds Berlin

Now that you have a basic understanding of Two Thirds Berlin’s background, let’s explore what this vibrant neighborhood has to offer:

1. Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie was one of the most famous crossing points between East and West Berlin during the Cold War. Today, it serves as a popular tourist attraction, with a reconstructed checkpoint and a museum that offers a glimpse into Berlin’s divided past.

2. Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is an iconic symbol of German unity and triumph. Located within Two Thirds Berlin, this neoclassical monument stands as a reminder of the city’s history and is a must-visit landmark for any visitor.

3. Berlin Wall Memorial

To truly grasp the impact of the Berlin Wall, a visit to the Berlin Wall Memorial is essential. This open-air exhibition displays remnants of the Wall itself, along with informative panels and personal stories, providing a poignant perspective on this historic era.

Getting Around Two Thirds Berlin

Two Thirds Berlin is well-connected by public transportation, making it easy for visitors to navigate the neighborhood. Here are some transportation options:

1. U-Bahn (Subway)

The Berlin U-Bahn is an efficient and convenient way to travel within Two Thirds Berlin. With frequent trains and extensive coverage, it’s the ideal choice for exploring the district’s various attractions.

2. S-Bahn (Suburban Train)

The S-Bahn lines also serve Two Thirds Berlin, providing connections to the wider city and allowing visitors to explore beyond the district easily. It’s a great option if you plan to venture outside the immediate area.

3. Bicycles

For those who prefer a more active and eco-friendly way of getting around, renting a bicycle is an excellent choice. Two Thirds Berlin offers many cycling paths and bike-sharing services for convenient transportation.

Exploring Two Thirds Berlin on a Budget

Traveling to Two Thirds Berlin doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some tips to help you explore the district on a budget:

1. Free Attractions

Many attractions in Two Thirds Berlin offer free admission, including the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the East Side Gallery (a section of the Berlin Wall covered in street art), and numerous city parks. Take advantage of these opportunities to soak up history and culture without spending a dime.

2. Local Food Markets

Sampling local cuisine is a must when visiting Two Thirds Berlin. Instead of dining at expensive restaurants, head to the city’s vibrant food markets. Places like Markthalle Neun and the Turkish Market offer a variety of delicious and affordable dishes.

3. Walking Tours

Walking tours are a budget-friendly way to explore Two Thirds Berlin. Many companies offer free or low-cost tours that provide insights into the district’s history and landmarks. It’s a great opportunity to learn from knowledgeable guides while saving money.


Two Thirds Berlin is a neighborhood with a rich and storied past. From its role in the Cold War to its vibrant cultural scene, there is something for everyone to enjoy. By exploring its historical sites and immersing yourself in its unique atmosphere, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of Berlin and its fascinating history.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Two Thirds Berlin and embark on an unforgettable journey!

The Ultimate Guide to Two Thirds Berlin