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one80 Hostel Berlin Pub Crawl – The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Cold War Tour Berlin


If you’re looking to have a fun and memorable night out in Berlin, then joining the one80 Hostel Berlin Pub Crawl is a must! This exciting social activity allows you to explore Berlin’s vibrant nightlife scene while making new friends from all around the world. In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the essential information you need to know before embarking on the one80 Hostel Berlin Pub Crawl adventure.

What is a Pub Crawl?

A pub crawl, also known as a bar tour or bar-hopping, is an organized social event where a group of people visit multiple bars and pubs in a specific area, usually with a designated guide leading the group. Pub crawls are popular among travelers and locals alike as they provide an opportunity to experience the local nightlife, try different drinks, and socialize with like-minded individuals.

The Benefits of Joining the one80 Hostel Berlin Pub Crawl

When you join the one80 Hostel Berlin Pub Crawl, you can expect a range of benefits that enhance your overall experience. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth joining:

  • Expert Local Guides: The pub crawl is led by knowledgeable local guides who know the best bars and clubs in Berlin. They’ll not only take you to the popular spots but also share interesting facts and stories about the city’s nightlife.
  • Free and Discounted Drinks: As part of the pub crawl, you’ll enjoy free shots at each stop and exclusive discounts on additional drinks. It’s a great way to try different beverages without breaking the bank.
  • Meeting People from Around the World: The one80 Hostel Berlin Pub Crawl attracts travelers from diverse backgrounds. It offers an excellent opportunity to meet new people, make friends, and create unforgettable memories together.
  • Exploring Berlin’s Nightlife Safely: Berlin is known for its vibrant and sometimes intense nightlife scene. By joining a pub crawl, you can enjoy the nightlife in a safe and organized manner, knowing you have experienced guides to rely on.

What to Expect on the one80 Hostel Berlin Pub Crawl

Now that you know the benefits, let’s dive into what you can expect on the one80 Hostel Berlin Pub Crawl:

Meeting Point

The pub crawl typically starts at one80 Hostel, conveniently located in the heart of Berlin. This central location allows for easy access to the city’s best bars and clubs.

Group Dynamics

Expect to join a diverse group of fellow pub crawlers. You’ll meet people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds who are all eager to have a great time. Embrace the opportunity to socialize and make new friends as you explore Berlin’s nightlife together.

Visiting Multiple Bars and Clubs

The pub crawl will take you to several carefully selected bars and clubs, each offering a unique atmosphere and drink specials. Whether you prefer dancing, live music, or simply enjoying a drink, there will be something for everyone.

Free Shots and Discounts

At each stop, you’ll be treated to a complimentary shot, allowing you to sample different beverages throughout the night. In addition to the free shots, you’ll also receive exclusive discounts on additional drinks, saving you money while you enjoy Berlin’s vibrant nightlife.

Tips for a Great Pub Crawl Experience

Follow these tips to make the most out of your one80 Hostel Berlin Pub Crawl:

  • Wear Comfortable Shoes: You’ll be walking between bars, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes that will keep you going all night.
  • Bring Valid ID: Make sure to bring a valid ID, as some bars may require age verification before entry.
  • Drink Responsibly: While it’s natural to have a good time, it’s important to drink responsibly and know your limits. Stay hydrated and pace yourself throughout the pub crawl.
  • Respect Local Customs: Familiarize yourself with basic bar etiquette and be respectful towards the locals and staff at each establishment.
  • Have Fun and Be Social: The pub crawl is all about having fun and meeting new people. Embrace the experience, engage in conversations, and enjoy the lively atmosphere!


The one80 Hostel Berlin Pub Crawl is an exciting opportunity to explore Berlin’s vibrant nightlife scene, meet new people, and create unforgettable memories. By joining the pub crawl, you’ll benefit from expert local guides, free shots, exclusive drink discounts, and a safe and organized experience. So, grab your comfortable shoes, bring your ID, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable night out in Berlin!

one80 Hostel Berlin Pub Crawl – The Ultimate Guide for Beginners