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Are There Still Parts of the Berlin Wall?

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Cold War Tour Berlin

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 marked an important milestone in history, symbolizing the end of the Cold War and the reunification of East and West Germany. While much of the wall was demolished and its remnants removed, some parts still exist today as a reminder of the division and the struggle for freedom. In this article, we will explore whether there are still parts of the Berlin Wall that can be visited.

1. The East Side Gallery

One of the most famous remaining sections of the Berlin Wall is the East Side Gallery. Located along the Spree River in Friedrichshain, it is the longest open-air art gallery in the world. After the fall of the wall, artists from around the globe were invited to paint murals on the east-facing side of the wall segments. Today, visitors can stroll along this vibrant stretch and admire the powerful artworks that reflect the spirit of freedom and unity.

2. The Berlin Wall Memorial

The Berlin Wall Memorial, situated at Bernauer Strasse, is a historical site that preserves a nearly 1.4-kilometer-long section of the wall, including the former death strip. This memorial serves as a reminder of the divided city and the people who lost their lives while attempting to cross from East to West. Visitors can explore the documentation center, an outdoor exhibition, and the Window of Remembrance, which lists the names of those who lost their lives.

3. Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie is one of the most famous border crossings during the Cold War and a significant historical site today. While the original wall and guardhouse were dismantled, a replica of the guardhouse, complete with sandbags and barriers, stands as a popular tourist attraction. Visitors can learn about escape attempts, spy stories, and the tense atmosphere of the times at the Checkpoint Charlie Museum.

4. Other Wall Segments

Although the majority of the Berlin Wall was removed, several smaller segments can still be found throughout the city. These fragments are often displayed in museums, parks, and memorials. Berlin’s museums house some panels, while others are scattered in neighborhoods like Potsdamer Platz, Niederkirchnerstrasse, and Bornholmer Strasse, where some of the first border crossings took place.

5. The Mauerpark

The Mauerpark, which translates to “Wall Park,” was once part of the area known as the Death Strip. Today, it has transformed into a vibrant public park, hosting flea markets and regular open-air karaoke sessions. While the actual wall no longer stands in this park, you can find remnants and traces of the former border, providing insights into the history and significance of the Berlin Wall.


Although the Berlin Wall was largely demolished after its fall in 1989, there are still parts that can be visited today. The East Side Gallery, Berlin Wall Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie, various wall segments, and the Mauerpark all offer different perspectives on the wall and its historical significance. Exploring these sites provides a tangible connection to a pivotal time in history and serves as a reminder of the importance of freedom, unity, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Are There Still Parts of the Berlin Wall?